A few words About Us

Our vision is, "To develop a new generation of teachers and learners for a better society". The above stated vision is targeted to produce student-teachers who are academically sound, well trained, dedicated and determined to serve the community and nation at large, environment friendly and value based intellectually well suited for the global trends and demands. Thus with our motto "Enrich and Educate" and with our mission we act with the spirit of dedication and determination to build a value - based, productive and patriotic society


1. To train them for good citizenship.

2. To train them for good leadership quality.

3. To inculcate social and moral values.

4. To train them to be socialistic, secularistic and demorcratic citizens. Our educational aim.

5. To provide congruous infrastructure and congenial learning atomosphere.

6. To inculcate the spirit of National Mind and Universal brotherhood among students.

7.To train them for sociability.

8.To prepare them for life oriented education which is constructive for problem solving.

9. To motivate our traditional culture and heritage and cultivate the spirit of reverence.

10. To honour to our Indian National ideal Unity in Diversity.

The college periodically organizes several programmes, camps and activities, and has formed several clubs and committees to foster and showcase the talent of students. Some of the activities and initiatives of the college are given below. Our educational institution has a good library with valuable books. It has about 4000 books including Epics, regular weekly, monthly and annual magazines. Our institution has an experienced principal, teaching staff and good administration body, having all physical instruments and many computers, which are needful now a day.

1. Formation of student club for growing up the qualities of leadership for people Teacher.

2. Formation of language club, science club, Cultural Committee, Tourism Committee.

3. To Formation Annual Magazine committee, Observation committee, Citizenship Camp.

4. Special Lecturing by educationalist and Resource persons.

5. Workship of micro-teaching arrangement.

6. Providing co-service training.

7. Educational tour arrangement.

8. Providing co-service training.

9. Arrangement of Awareness Movements to enrich social and scientific consciousness.

10 Arrangement of Inter-collegiate B. Ed. Colleges Cultural and sport programme.