• Introduction

    The Gramotthan Vidyapeeth amidst lust green surroundings was launched in the year 1992 as per Society Registration Act 1958 & Registration No. 40/Nagaur/1992-93 Dated 23.09.1992 . Keeping in view the backwardness of girl's education, and other challenges of modern era, Shri K. Ram took the initiative in establishing this residential non-profit institution for girls irrespective of caste, creed and ethnicity. It is, of course, worth mentioning that late Kisan leader Shri Nathuram Mirdha and the then Revenue Ministers, Shri Paras Ram Maderna & Ganga Ram Choudhary played a vivotal role in the land allotment.

  • About Campus

    The Campus, which is just opposite the District Stadium, is situated on the National Highway 65 in 35 Bighas Land. It has an excellent setting for academic and co-curricular activities. The double storied school building's architecture looks grand and charming. Lawns, Plants and trees provide a wholesome educational atmosphere to students. They enjoy watching the germination of a seed of the unfolding of a bud into full bloom. They develop love four nature and learn the importance of preservation of nature. It is placed on the mid of the city. So all the facilites are near by Bus station, Railway station, Hospital and Police station and easy to access for transportation.